A private Hotel and Bar owner opened a newly refurbished hotel in the centre of London. With limited knowledge of stock holding and storage regulations, our auditors worked with the Property team to:

  • Maximise the broad range of offering whilst minimising the cash flow required to hold stock levels above the requirements of the business. Meet legal and regulatory requirements for the storage and safety of food stocks.
  • Review and manage the ageing of stocks and reporting on wastage from out of date products, over pouring and portioning of food, and till reconciliation of product v sales.
  • Review and manage the menu content to meet the needs of the business whilst still delivering an excellent choice and competitive offering
  • Implement a concise system for record keeping, leaving a controlled audit trail.

Establishing an ongoing Gross Margin in both Beverage and Food which complemented the Budget expectations and enabled a more accurate handling of stock levels by local teams.